TraNSIT - Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool

For each supply chain path, TraNSIT selects the most cost-effective route that accounts for travel distance and time, vehicle configuration, road conditions, driver fatigue regulations and vehicle decoupling costs. As well these outputs, the models generated by TraNSIT enable national and local governments to direct road and rail investment to the areas where it will have most impact.
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Since 2012, CSIRO’s Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TraNSIT) has been used nationally and internationally to improve supply chain efficiency and help identify options for transport and logistics investment.

TraNSIT now accommodates over 185 commodities, representing more than 25 million truck trips and 200,000 rail trips per annum. More commodities continue to be added. It incorporates information and expert knowledge from over 450 agencies and organisations across Australia.

The tool has been adapted for a range of applications including biosecurity, climate and disaster resilience, tourism, and infrastructure planning and investment.

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Applications of TraNSIT include:

  • Analysing the impact of road upgrades such as sealing, first/last mile improvements, access to higher-productivity vehicles.
  • Informing improvements to rail infrastructure including line upgrades, new freight hubs and integration with road transport.
  • Testing the sensitivity of the road and rail network to natural disasters or other disruptions and their impact on freight access to markets.
  • Forecasting freight volumes, supply chain dynamics and bottlenecks under future production and climate scenarios.
  • Testing regulatory changes such as driver fatigue, road and rail pricing and tolls.
  • Addressing supply chain inefficiencies and cross border bottlenecks in Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • Estimating the impact of road improvements for the Australian tourism industry.
  • Supporting the Australian Government’s resilience initiatives.

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