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The AgData Shop is your one stop destination for exploring and accessing unique CSIRO products and services using consistent and commercially supported suite of APIs.

We recognise that the broader agtech ecosystem is complex, fast moving, and its success is critical to underpinning a viable and resilient ag sector. We also realise we may have data and analytics that can not only deliver impact in their own right, but can be embedded in others products and services.

This is just the start! We are embarking on this journey to ‘open our vault’ and create an experience where our partners can browse, explore and purchase data, analytics and products, and get access seamlessly, immediately and tailored to their needs. All in a secure and private environment.

In addition to supporting our partners, we want to help our CSIRO colleagues get impact from their research.

How it works

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Get instant access to data and analytics that integrate into your applications.

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