MetAccess - ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION (Software Key)

MetAccess is a computer tool developed by CSIRO for rapid analysis of historical weather data. The program gives users simple and flexible ways to quantify weather variability and assess the likelihood of weather events. Long term daily meteorological data are summarised in tables or graphs, to help the user assess and better manage the impact of weather in business, research and everyday life.

The installation ID should be generated by the software upon installation time. Once you have your 'Installation ID' you should enter it here when purchasing your subscription.

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How to access MetAccess:

MetAccess software is available from the CSIRO Data Access Portal

  • You can download the MetAccess software directly from the CSIRO Data Access Portal
  • Install the MetAccess software onto your computer
  • When you start MetAccess an Installation ID will appear
  • Go to the CSIRO AgData Shop
  • Create an account at CSIRO AgData Shop or log back in using existing account
  • Purchase subscription for MetAccess using your Installation ID
  • An Access Key will be emailed to you that can be used to activate the software.

 Please allow 2-3 business days for your Access Key to be emailed. 

For more detailed information about any of these software tools go to the GRAZPLAN website. 

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