GrazPlan Bureau of Meteorology Dataset

$50.00 excl tax

CSIRO GRAZPLAN Bureau of Meteorology weather data. This dataset is up to December 2021.

This weather data contains Bureau checked data. The GRAZPLAN localities described in this
database are sometimes composite data where missing data is filled from nearby weather stations.
This data contains windspeed data that is useful for modelling chilling effects on animals.

To use this data with GrassGro, AusFarm or MetAccess:

1.Extract the zip file you have downloaded, you will see many zip files.

2.Copy the compressed files as they are into a folder on your local hard drive.

3. Ensure that GrassGro is expecting to find the weather archive in this path. Go to the preferences in GrassGro to set this.

4. Copy the location.set and location.dx files into the C:\ProgramData\grassgro folder. For AusFarm they can be located elsewhere.

IMAGE: Approaching storm clouds near Griffith, NSW.