ADOPT (Adoption and Diffusion Outcome Prediction Tool) is a web-based tool that allows you to evaluate and predict the likely level of adoption and time to peak adoption of specific agricultural innovations with a particular target population in mind.
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There are two versions of ADOPT. In addition to the standard version that has been designed for developed country scenarios there is Smallholder ADOPT which is usually best used in developing country scenarios. Both are accessible via the ADOPT website.

More than 1000 users from project teams, agricultural R&D investors, research organisations, extension agencies and international NGOs from 43 countries have already used ADOPT.

The tool uses expertise from multiple disciplines to make the knowledge surrounding the adoption of innovations more available, understandable and applicable to researchers, extension agents and research managers.

The tool has been designed to:

  1. Predict the likely peak level of adoption of an innovation and the time taken to reach that peak
  2. Encourage users to consider the factors that affect adoption at the time that projects are designed
  3. Engage research, development and extension managers and practitioners by making adoptability knowledge and considerations more transparent and understandable.

Who should use ADOPT? 

ADOPT is particularly useful for people and organisations with an interest in the adoption of agricultural innovations, such as:

  • Agricultural R&D organisations
  • Government departments
  • Catchment management organisations
  • NRM groups
  • Agriculture extension officers.

It is useful for providing information to assist with funding decisions or for when more detailed information regarding expected rates of adoption and diffusion are required.