AgriYieldz: The Wheat Crop Production Estimator

AgriYieldz provides information about the historical yield potential of a paddock for every year in the last 30 years. To estimate potential yield, it uses best available soil information, real rainfall data, and assumes the paddock was sown to wheat, every year. It also assumes no other constraints such as suffering from a lack of nitrogen, or impacts of weeds, disease or frost.

AgriYieldz generates a wheat yield for every paddock in Australia. It assumes Wheat was grown every year, for the last 30 years, and using the APSIM crop model, assumes the crop was grown with unlimited nitrogen, and was free from weeds, disease or frost. Wheat yields are calculated using soil types from the ASRIS national soil grid of Australia. Historical climate data is provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.

How can I use this data ?

For a given field, the data generated, allows people to:

  • Estimate the long term average wheat yield potential.
  • Understand the variability in wheat yield potential, and the range of yield potentials for the last 30 years.
  • Gauge the short term trajectory in wheat yield potential for the last 30 years, (eg is my paddocks yield potential trending down or up ?)
  • Compare the theoretical yield potential of multiple paddocks, when information is extracted for multiple paddocks. The variability in production between paddocks or regions can also be evaluated.

The data is provided as a vector, with an estimated yield for each of the last 30 years. The dataset is a set of point locations, with dimensions {lat, lon, year}.

Each location has the variables:

  • Wheat yield
  • Biomass
  • Soil water at Harvest
  • Soil water at Sowing
  • Plant available Water Capacity
  • In Crop Rainfall
  • SILO Station Number
  • ePaddocks ID


Agriyieldz is priced as an annual subscription. Purchasing from the shop, can either be once off, or set up as a recurring annual charge to your nominated credit card. The data will be updated annually.  There are different options available, for WA, SA, Vic and NSW. Alternatively, all of the data may be purchased.

For more detailed information

See the Agriyieldz: APSIM Wheat Yield for the Australian Dryland Cropping Zone.

Scientific literature

Holzworth, Dean, N. I. Huth, J. Fainges, H. Brown, E. Zurcher, R. Cichota, S. Verrall, N. I. Herrmann, B. Zheng, and V. Snow. ‘APSIM Next Generation: Overcoming Challenges in Modernising a Farming Systems Model’. Environmental Modelling & Software 103 (1 May 2018): 43–51.

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