Point Weather Forecast (formerly ADFD-P) (API Access)

Point Weather Forecast (formerly ADFD-P) is the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's (BoM) 7-day weather forecast for all locations in Australia. This is a point forecast developed from the gridded forecast, with hourly weather predictions for a range of variables out to 7 days. It is updated twice daily by the Bureau. This product provides REST API access to the Bureau's latest* 7-day forecast for all point locations in Australia.

Our Senaps REST API allow your software to access the latest forecast for any given point location, enabling you to easily value-add your products/services/research with this data.

To take advantage of this product you will need to understand the format of the Bureau's ADFD product as well as develop software to interact with Senaps'  REST API's to access the data. See the related links section below for details on each of these.

*ADFD in Senaps. The Bureau updates ADFD at least twice daily at around 6am and 6pm EST each day. Senaps updates its copy of ADFD from the Bureau twice daily around 00:00 UTC (10am AEST) and 12:00 UTC (10pm AEST).

Bureau's ADFD Description: http://www.bom.gov.au/weather-services/about/forecasts/australian-digital-forecast-database.shtml.

Bureau's ADFD User Guide: http://www.bom.gov.au/catalogue/adfdUserGuide.pdf

ADFD Rest API User Guide: API Guide

Point Weather Forecast (formerly ADFD-P) (API access) ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION 1000 requests/day

$120.00 excl tax